My first part of the new Ubiquiti gear I am ordering over the next few months can't get here fast enough. Just had a full meltdown of the home network (all mikrotik) due to rstp and some device freaking out and rx/tx'ing itself causing many ports to go blocking and breaking the entire network.

Fedex though very understandably, safety of workers first over delivering of packages. Till then: & yes my package is stuck in Memphis TN too.

I may want to put nginx or something like that in there too... A custom compile of unbound allows for DNS-over-HTTPS...

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I think I am almost done with all the steps needed to build my 'routervms'. I mean they are only centos 8 stream + iptables (nftables/firewalld killed off for now) + unbound + postfix + certbot + wireguard tunnels + zerotier tunnels + frr. Next step? Turn all the manual steps into ansible and deploy!

The other idea I have to try first is to make a transport for librenms to dump out alerts to mastodon. While it might be useless it would be a good start to learning the mastodon api.

My first idea with mastodon will be to craft my own twitter scraping bot that posts to an individual account on mastodon. Of course make it clear this is a bot posting a clone of the original post.

This idea came about due to the effort by someone to create an archive of the previous presidents posts to twitter before he deleted posts. The interface there was a bit clunky but worked. The idea here is it would be a part and appear like a twitter post almost.

So did some looking and not sure which way to go about this. I could use twitter api or I could go scrape the pages.

First post on my personal mastodon server. Now to figure out why it appears WordPress is answering instead of the mastodon server.

Mindlesstux Testing Grounds

A server for me and any friends that may want an account. Also bots, any bot I create will have a home here.