Man I have just about binged a all the way through "Sliders" and I am going what other old shows like it have I missed?

Don't you hate it when you nuke a VM in your and realize after the fact that it had a database on it that should have been moved to another server? Sigh... Time to rebuild my and databases...

Gonna guess that relays after a while of a very quiet single user instance mark instances as dead now. Guess I will just have to post more or make a bot that toots out something every so often.

I just hope I got the federated working once more. Otherwise it's just posting to the void... Which I am ok with too.

Woo it's late with brain fog and submitted an issue/feature request with code to the ActivityPub WordPress plugin. Hopefully, it gets accepted and cleaned up as it appears to help remote mastodon instances find this user. It has a couple of problems but they are something I can live with for now.

Thinking about it. Do I really need this server on the Federated "network"? I don't think so as it is a semi-private instance that I will do my own thing with. If people find it and follow then it will spread that way.

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I need to sit down a figure out how to keep my Mastodon instance healthy... All the images are filling up the disk. Even with pruning turned on.

Eventually, I would love to make some simple not-so-spammy bots but first, have to have a stable server.


Just another self-hosted mastodon instance. Eventually will be writing bots that will post here for the fediverse.